Felicity Shillingford and Patsy Lang: Sole Searching (Part II)

Follow a trail of shoe artworks exhibited in city centre shop windows. Then visit the Peoples’ Shoe Museum - a unique collection of exhibits from local collectors. Attend a shoe themed event or activity and discover an obscure shoe fact!

Fri 19 May
Sat 20 May



What do your shoes say about you?

Your shoes – they identify you – the style, the height, the function, and how they make you walk. Shoes identify your status in society, what group you belong to, the activity you are undertaking, and your approach to life.

“Walk a mile in my shoes” – see what my life is like.

Sole Searching is about society’s footwear choices. We will be looking at the shoe’s great power to establish identity, status, and the personality of the wearer. We will look at this phenomenon in relation to cultural identity, symbolism in stories, mythology, & folklore, contemporary identity trends, and the most expressive of all, the shoe as sculptural object.

Sole Searching (Part I) saw the production of 10 shoe artworks in response to the collection at the Shoe Museum and the Clarks Archive in Street, Somerset. The resulting exhibition was held at the Museum in summer 2015. A selection of these artworks by Exeter based Artist Felicity Shillingford will be exhibited in shop windows in the city centre during Art Week Exeter 2017.

This pop-up shoe museum will invite active participation from creative arts networks and the general public with donations to the exhibition of their favourite shoes with a related story. Public interaction with Sole Searching continues with a series of events to celebrate the iconic status of the shoe. There will be a programme of storytelling for young and old and a series of shoe making artists workshops and interactive drop-in activities.

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This takes place at…

Venue 15
The Boat Shed


Piazza Terracina, Haven Road, Exeter, EX2 8GT

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