The 60/60 Project #34 Stella Tripp

Stella Tripp

Showing at the Cafe at 36

TRIPP S cresting 2 cross_section watercolourinkoncanvas 90 x 63

Where do you find inspiration?

Anywhere and everywhere – for example a flower, a memory, a death, a journey, something overheard, or the shape of a crack in a wall. So many potential sources of inspiration – like sparks from a fire, some will catch light and some will fade away: it’s all a bit random and impossible to predict.

What experiences or memories have played a role in your art-making practice?

Anything that has contributed to making me who I am has also contributed to making my art what it is. Again, it’s a bit random as to which experiences have the biggest impact but having children has got to be pretty high on the list; along with living/studying abroad – nearly 3 years in Israel as a teenager, and 3 years in America as a postgraduate student.

Who are your influences?

Lots that come and go: Eva Hesse remains a constant.

Does research play a role in your process? What is something that you have recently researched?

I look at a lot of art and listen to/read about artists talking about their work – how and why they do what they do. Communicating through the language of art – how that works – is fascinating, as is the connection between life and art – the fact that it’s something that people have always done and continue to do whatever their circumstances.

Was there an exhibition or a work of art you saw recently that you found intriguing?

Abstract Expressionism at the RA and more recently Hiroshige at RAMM

Are there any comments about your work that have stayed with you?

“There is such a thing as too complicated.” I don’t agree, but I did use it as a title.

Describe what you enjoy about making your work.
Getting lost in the process of manipulating colours and materials, being surprised by what can happen and responding to that. There has to be scope for exploration and discovery.

What are you excited about showing at Art Week Exeter?
Process/performance based work as a member of collaborative group Preston Street Union as well as my individual paintings showing in Cafe@36: I like the duality of that as it reflects our commonality/individuality.

1370473 TRIPP_S behind this wall

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