The 60/60 Project #58 Corinna Spencer

Corinna Spencer

Showing at Exeter Phoenix

Corinna Spencer - Newlyn - What Is This Place Corinna Spencer After Pollard - 2016
Where do you find inspiration?
National Trust Properties, Film, Television, Novels.

What experiences or memories have played a role in your art-making practice?
Museum visits, National Trust Visits.

Who are your influences?
Victorian photography, Goya, Theatre

What do you listen to when you’re working?
I prefer to have documentaries playing: Science, Nature, Arts

Does research play a role in your process? What is something that you have recently researched?
Yes, usually historical stories about women.

What’s the most challenging material you’ve worked with?
Water Colour

Was there an exhibition or a work of art you saw recently that you found intriguing?
America After The Fall: Paintings In The 1930’s at The Royal Academy

What is one thing you hope people will take away from experiencing your work?
That it wasn’t boring.

Tell us something that you’ve learned in the last year.
Three day old giraffes are really rather tall.

What was the last book you read? Or, what are you reading now?
Currently Reading The Muse by Jesse Burton

Describe what you enjoy about making your work.

What are you excited about showing at Art Week Exeter?
Paintings from the 1000 portraits made for Strange And Romantic at Exeter Phoenix.

Corinna Spencer -The Lady - 2017 IMG_3824

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